Four questions about Sam Bradford

BY DAVID UBBEN, Staff Writer, Published: October 26, 2009
Where is Sam Bradford’s draft stock?

The most likely scenario is it will steadily drop until April’s draft, especially if he doesn’t heal in time to work out for scouts beforehand.

But Bradford had plenty of questions before he was injured, questions that will now go unanswered unless his recovery is slowed and he elects to return to Oklahoma for his senior season.

"It’s hard to judge, because we don’t know if he’s even a top-five guy to start with,” said Daniel Mogollon, president of NFL Draft Bible, a Web site devoted to the draft. "We gauge these things from the sense that we presume we know what someone’s ‘draft stock’ is, when I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case.”

What questions surround Sam Bradford as an NFL quarterback?

Bradford returned to Oklahoma to win a national championship and to experience another year of college. But in the minds of NFL scouts, another year gave them a chance to see him with a more realistic offense. Could he still perform without an offensive line stacked with NFL talent in front of him? Once he had to take hits — something he didn’t do often in his first two seasons — could he prove he was durable?

The former went mostly unanswered, but the answer to the latter was a resounding "no.”

Bradford didn’t make it to halftime of his first game before being knocked out, and he looked good when he returned against Baylor and didn’t face constant pressure. But once the pressure returned — courtesy of Texas — he didn’t make it through his second drive of the day.

It might have been the same injury, but for quarterbacks, the throwing shoulder is obviously the worst body part to give scouts worries if he’d like them to recommend NFL general managers to invest millions of dollars.

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