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Bob Stoops on the Dan Patrick Show Sports Staff Modified: September 26, 2013 at 2:15 pm •  Published: September 26, 2013

Dan Patrick had Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops on his show Thursday morning to preview the OU-Notre Dame game and to talk about the hot topics in college football.

Not a lot of new stuff from Stoops, but some good questions from Patrick and some insightful thoughts from Stoops, nonetheless.

Here is video of the interview:

Here is the complete transcript of the segment:

Dan Patrick: Were you a Notre Dame fan growing up?

Bob Stoops: Not really, Dan. In our family, of course I grew up in Youngstown (Ohio) as an Irish Catholic and we followed them to a degree. My father was a coach, but I can’t say that we were fans, no.

Patrick: Were you Ohio State fans?

Stoops: To a degree, but you know my father being a coach he got to know a lot of different coaches, so we kind of followed everybody. Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame…but I can’t say there was any one particular team.

Patrick: Favorite player growing up was who?

Stoops: Oh gosh, probably Joe Washington, Steve Davis, those guys watching Oklahoma. Really back in Ohio I loved watching Oklahoma.

Patrick: See, I was a Gregg Pruitt fan.

Stoops: Yeah, you gotta throw him in there, too. They were fun to watch, man.

Patrick: I’m concerned about rivalries and where they’re going, because you had Oklahoma-Nebraska, obviously Michigan-Ohio State and even in basketball now we’re losing some of these rivalries with this conference realignment. Your thoughts on those rivalries and trying to keep them in place.

Stoops: It is unfortunate. Our rivalry with Nebraska when they were in our league was kind of diminished when they were in a different division than we were. They say change is inevitable sometimes. It’s unfortunate, but with the way things are going, it’s hard to protect them all.

Patrick: When you’re scheduling how far out do you…and are you involved in the scheduling at Oklahoma of who you play?

Stoops: I’m very much involved. I’ve been involved from Day 1. The athletic director has never scheduled someone without my approval, not that he has to have it. But we have always agreed on it.

Patrick: Facing I-AA teams…I said that maybe we don’t count those toward bowl eligibility. We’ve seen these blowouts, and look I’m all for North Dakota State or Appalachian State or Georgia Southern when they’re good playing, but I think when you get Savannah State and some of those other schools in there, what’s the real benefit here?

Stoops: All I can say is we’ve tried to avoid it at all costs here. But sometimes you can get trapped if somebody drops a game from you two years out and there isn’t anyone, you know, there’s not a lot of people willing to come here and play us. So the time or two in our 15 years when we’ve had one sometimes it’s been because of that. But to go ahead and intentionally schedule them, we haven’t done that.

Patrick: I wonder what it does to these kids who are on the receiving end of this. I know the programs will make money, but it’s not your job to ensure their financial or physical safety here when you’re playing a team, right?
Stoops: No, that’s right, but you know the only advantage…is you get a lot of your (second-string), your backup guys some work in those lopsided wins and you can put them in earlier. Hopefully, the score doesn’t get outrageous.

Patrick: Difference between Notre Dame this year and last year on film is what?

Stoops: Not much. They still…structurally plays they want to run offensively are the same, defensively still the same structure. What you don’t see are (Everett) Golson and Manti Te’o. Those two guys — one guy on defense isn’t there that was a main figure and quarterback is different for their offense but still a physical offensive line, great receivers, their good running backs. Really the only difference with the two quarterbacks is Reese — here’s a guy that’s been a starter, got all kinds of experience, is mature as a senior and a great thrower. The other guy probably ran a little bit better definitely.

Patrick: When looking at offense now, the current wave — the read option, the pistol — where do you stand with the evolution of offense here, whether it’s in high school, college or the pros. Where are we going in your opinion?

Stoops: It’s a great opportunity, an option for people is the quaraterback’s ability to run. It’s a different dimension. Now all the sudden you can block it with everybody in the front and now there’s a secondary guy that has to deal with the quarterback coming from depth. So it’s a situation that’s making it more complicated for defensive coordinators to stop them, especially when that guy is a great thrower to go with an opportunity to run the ball.

Patrick: What did you think of (Johnny) Manziel?

Stoops: I thought he was incredible as everybody has seen over and over. The guy is really special and talented with the way he plays.

Patrick: You’re a defensive minded guy. You try to devise something for him, but there is the improvisational skills that he has. How do you devise something?

Stoops: You can’t. I think it’s been proven over and over as you watch him. Everybody talked about Alabama even for an entire year working on him and they didn’t seem to have an answer for it. At the end of the day, his ability to…improvise is unmatched. There is nothing you can do about it.

Patrick: Did you recruit him?

Stoops: No, not really. We knew of him and all, but we were pretty satisfied with the guys we had.

Patrick: It’s not a fair question because everybody misses on a lot of players, but sometimes…Texas was going to maybe have him play defensive back, Oregon was interested in him. I was just curious if your thought process of a quarterback has changed with seeing these kids who can do the read option or whatever you’re going to call it. Or are you more comfortable with a pocket passer?

Stoops: No, we definitely have always really wanted guys that can run the football, make a play out of nothing. That’s always something we’ve looked for, but we’ve always looked for great passers first. If they’ve got legs to with it…better.

Patrick: Paying these kids…we keep hearing this, Bob. I don’t know what the solution is with this. Where do you weigh in on this?

Stoops: I’ve said for a long time that I’m all for a stipend for players. But I think what everybody is missing the boat on is Title IX laws. They’re going to have to change the laws of the country before you’re going to pay one athlete, but not another. You can talk all you want, it makes for great conversation, and I’m for whatever we can do, but it’s going to have to be for all athletes, not one in particular.

Patrick: What about if you gave minimum wage?

Stoops: Again, I think it would be great…anything we can do for all the athletes. For the teams or the schools that are able to do it, it would be a positive.

Patrick: Good to visit with you. Good luck in South Bend. Thanks for joining us.

Stoops: Alright, Dan. Good to be with you.


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