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Bo is our delightful 18 month old German Shepherd.  Recently, after  noticing him leaving my daughter's room, I checked to see if he had  gotten into anything.  There in the middle of the floor lay one of her  antique books.  I knew Bo had just put the book on the floor because it  had dog slobber prints all the way around it.  I picked it up and laughed  to see the title was CALL OF THE WILD.  Then I looked at her bookshelf  where he had taken it from and thought it would have been even funnier if  he had taken the book next to it.  It's title; WHITE FANG.    Donna Johnston  28472 Portland Avenue  Blanchard, OK  73010  485-4340<br/><b>Community Photo By:</b> Donna Johnston<br/><b>Submitted By:</b> Jack, Blanchard