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Specialist Travis Honea, U. S. Army, is pictured here at the Ft. Hood USO head-quarters in Texas, where he is currently stationed after serving one year in Korea.  Specialist Honea is a former member of Camp Fire USA, and from 1998-2001 he was one of the top candy sellers in the Heart of Oklahoma Council.      When asked if he had any advice for boys and girls who are trying to sell a lot of candy Honea said, “When older kids are trying to sell Camp Fire candy, they need to remember to tell their customers they are earning money for college.  It is so cool to graduate from high school and receive what amounts to a “scholarship” from Camp Fire – that you earned just by selling candy.<br/><b>Community Photo By:</b> Robin Crouse, Ft. Hood USO Director<br/><b>Submitted By:</b> Keri, Oklahoma City