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Bock Stars 8 &amp; Under Girls Slow Pitch team combined of Oklahoma and Arkansas Players  Left to right  1st row:  Madison Klomfas #2, Abbey LeJong #13, Hope Moses #5, Bryanna Flanagan #7, Hailey Ostrander #4, and Kylee Cusicke #3  2nd row:  Hillary Calvert #10, Nina Echelle #25, Devyn Gregory #1, Destini Jones # 15 Casady Mills #27, and Mackenzie Townsend #11  Top row Coaches (Left to Right): Mike Mills, Mike Bock, Bobby Gregory, Mike LeJong and Bob Calvert  The girls won double Arkansas titles (ASA and USSSA for 8 &amp; Under girls slow pitch) and they won double National Invitation Titles from Arkansas and Kentucky for Girls 8 &amp; under slow pitch----see story attached.<br/><b>Community Photo By:</b> Rita Echelle<br/><b>Submitted By:</b> Laurie,