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Daffodil Days are here! Thanks to all the citizens, businesses, churches, schools and City employees who helped to make this event a success. The daffodils have begun to bloom throughout Warr Acres. If you haven't noticed them yet, take a drive on NW 39th Expressway and look at the median. Several businesses, individuals and organizations have donated funds to pay for the daffodil bulbs, and we want to express our appreciation to them. A large amount of the expense was covered by a grant from the Oklahoma Centennial Commission, but did not provide enough to cover the number of bulbs ordered. If you would like to helf defray the cost please send your donation to Citizens for a Better Warr Acres, 6201 Roman Road, Warr Acres, OK 73122 Community Photo By: Darryl Goodman Submitted By: Darryl, Warr Acres