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The mid 50’s model tornado siren at the City Hall complex was recently replaced. The replacement unit was badly needed as the old unit was unreliable. City Council members approved approximately $2000 dollars for the replacement unit and the Warr Acres Firefighters provided the skilled climber and crew to replace the unit at a savings to the city of about one-thousand dollars. Sergeant Jeramie Simpson is pictured installing the siren while other crew members Captain Jeff Parsons, Corporal Kyle Schroeder and Asst. Chief Kenny Koger assist from the ground. The tornado siren system is tested every Saturday at noon and is used to alert the public of potential tornados threatening the Warr Acres area. Tornado sirens are designed to notify citi<br/><b>Community Photo By:</b> D. Goodman<br/><b>Submitted By:</b> Darryl, Warr Acres