Land Run Gallery - Photo Gallery 7/18

LAND RUN / HORSES / WAGONS / CHEROKEE STRIP / CHEROKEE OUTLET: This image has conflicting information. The captions ran as if this was the Land Run of 1889, when in fact, it was the Land Run of 1893. Most of the following captions are incorrect, but ran as follows: Captions read, "A photograph of the run of 1889, taken by Frank Thompson, staff photographer for the Chicago Tribune. It is owned by R.M. Shaw, 1954 Northwest Fourteenth street." "This was the scene on that April day in 1889 when a signal turned loose the flood of settlers rushing into Oklahoma. The picture is one of the few original photographs depicting the land race." A letter correcting the mistake said the following: "Your picture herewith is the famous one taken from a high wooden platform on September 16, 1893, at the start of the run into Cherokee Outlet (do not call it the Cherokee Strip). The photographer: William S. Prettyman, formerly of Blackwell. His biographer: Robert E. Cunningham of Stillwater, in the book, INDIAN TERRITORY: A Frontier Photographic Record by W.S. Prettyman (Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1957). Cordially yours, Savoie Lottinville." Photograph dated 9/16/1893. Photo by William S. Prettyman. Published four times in The Daily Oklahoman on 4/23/1939, 10/10/1954, 4/10/1960, 4/22/1979. Image was also published in "Jacket design for "Oklahoma: A history of the Sooner State" by Edwin C. McReynolds." (University of Oklahoma Press. $4.95)" Image entered the library on 11/28/1932.