Robert S. Kerr - Photo Gallery 44/44

ROBERT S. KERR / EDGAR BERGEN / CHARLIE McCARTHY: "You know, Charlie," mused the governor Monday night as he surveyed the seam-busting crowd at the auditorium, "I never knew of but one other little man who could draw a mob like this." Charlie naturally, was curious. "The other little man," grinned the governor, "was Dewey." Cynical Republicans wondered how the governor knew, because he wasn't even in town when Dewey packed the auditorium for a campaign speech last summer. Anyhow, that sort of badinage went on as Governor (Robert S.) Kerr, Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen mugged shamelessly for the cameraman. Staff photo by Bill Stockwell taken 5/21/45; photo ran in the 5/22/45 Daily Oklahoman.