Photo Gallery: OKC Skylines 1/161

HISTORIC EARLY DAYS / OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / SKYLINE:  The 1927 photo, above, was taken from the Colcord building looking northeast.  The Hales building on Main Street is at left, Skirvin Plaza hotel is visible in center background, and Huckins Hotel is at left center.  At right, this 1982 view also was made from the Colcord building looking northest, with new buildings hiding most of the remaing landmarks.  The intersection shown is Main and Robinson.  The top of the Skirvin Plaza is visible, and Sheraton Century Center at right.  Published on 11/14/1982 in The Daily Oklahoman.     (note absence of First National bank and Ramsey Tower.)  Published on 04/16/1989 in The Daily Oklahoman in the Special Centennial section, Century Section.