Photo Gallery: OKC Skylines 14/161

OKLAHOMA CITY / SKY LINE / OKLAHOMA / AERIAL VIEWS / AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY / AIR VIEWS:  BUZZ-Z-Z! There are two ways to reach a hotel room.  No.1, ride up on the elevator.  No. 2, pick your floor and just Hellcat through a window.  Most of downtown Oklahoma Cityans thought Friday afternoon that the visiting naval aviators were using system No. 2 - and that includes Morris Sparlin, Daily Oklahoman phtoographic chief, who brought along this picture to prove that Beacon club luncheon guests had to lean over the railing to see those two TBMs and a couple F6Fs going down Grand avenue without even a pause for traffic lights.  They were calling attention to the Victory loan drive.  And that they did.  Staff photo by Morris E. Sparlin.  Photo dated 11/23/1945 and published on 11/24/1945 in The Daily Oklahoman.