OKC Skylines - Photo Gallery 20/161

OKLAHOMA CITY / SKY LINE / OKLAHOMA / AERIAL VIEWS / AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY / AIR VIEWS: Here's What H-Bomb Would Do to Our Town... All this business about how many tons of TNT it takes to do the damage of an H-bomb leave you a little bewildered? Here's a combination photo-drawing based on the 1952-model bomb that might clear matters a little. The bombsight cross hairs, in center photo, are over the heart of Oklahoma City's business district. The 3-mile total destruction area would then reach from the old fairgrounds on the east to the new fairgrounds on the west and from NW 36 to Capitol Hill high school. The rest of the drawing is self-explanatory. The bomb causes severe-to-moderate damage as far as seven miles from the bomb, and light damage as far as 10 miles away. One of the bombs tested last month was reported to be three times more powerful that the 1952 version. Staff photo by Richard Cobb. Photo dated 09/25/1946 and published on 04/02/1954 in The Oklahoma City Times. Photo arrived in library on 09/26/1946.