Photo Gallery: OKC Skylines 59/161

OKLAHOMA CITY / SKY LINE / OKLAHOMA:  And here is the way Oklahoma City actually appears in 1939, from the approximate point of view of the artist of 1911.  The Tallest building the artist could imagine as something over 20 stories.  Three built since exceed that height -- the Ramsey Tower and First National building, 32 stories each, and the Biltmore hotel, 24 stories.  The artist's terminal building is larger than the present terminal building.  He was correct in his painting of old-fashioned street cars.  Today's street cars look just like the ones in the 1911 picture of 1939.  Photo undated and published on 01/27/1939 in The Oklahoma City Times and on 07/14/1940 in The Daily Oklahoman.