OKC Skylines 123/161

OKLAHOMA CITY / SKY LINE / OKLAHOMA / AERIAL VIEWS / AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY / AIR VIEWS: SO HIGH - Oklahoma City saw Army day celebrated both on the ground and in the air Monday. While crowds were gathered around exhibits in Civic Center park on the east side of North Broadway, three planes from the army air reserve base at the the municipal airport, flying in formation, glided through tricky maneuvers overhead. Piloting the army planes were Maj. Clint Johnson,lead; Capt. Bill Bleakley, left, and First Lieut. John Cook, right. The picture by C.J. Kaho, staff photographer, was taken from a plane piloted by Hardy Young. Staff photo by C.J. Kaho. Photo dated 04/06/1936 and published 04/07/1936 in The Daily Oklahoman.