Photo Gallery: OKC Skylines 138/161

OKLAHOMA CITY / SKY LINE / OKLAHOMA / AERIAL VIEWS / AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY / AIR VIEWS:  In 1940 - It can't happen here but here's the lovely target an enemy bomber would find approaching Oklahoma City's downtown district from the southeast.  Right ahead is the vital artery of the Santa Fe railroad tracks and then the city's tallest buildings.  The First National Bank building and, to the right, the Ramsey Tower.  Straight on the bomber would find the Belle Isle power plant and could veer west for a shot at the city's water supply, Lake Overholser.  This rare aerial view from the southwest was taken by W. E. Bleakley, veteran City aviator.  Photo taken by W. E. Bleakley.  Photo undated and published on 01/01/1940 in The Daily Oklahoman.