Oklahoma City Aerials Collection 4/30

OKLAHOMA CITY / SKYLINE / AERIAL VIEW: 05-25-1972 by staff photographer Al McLaughlin. "CHANGING FACE of Oklahoma City can be seen by comparing these two aerial photographs of the downtown area---the one at right taken in 1948 (and not shown here), and the one above only last week after nearly 10 years of urban renewal work. At left in the photo above is the still-uncompleted Kerr-McGee Center, with the COTPA parking garage at NW 3 and Broadway peeking out from behind it. In the center foreground is the Fidelity Bank Plaza, and the city's tallest building, Liberty Tower, looms in the background. A corner of the Myriad Convention Center can be seen above the Hales Building at right. Other changes, not part of the urban renewal program, can be seen in the photo above. Staff photo by Al McLaughlin." Photo ran in the 5-30-72 Daily Oklahoman.