Photo Gallery: OSU-OKC Farmers Market: 08/09/08 9/39

MYRIAD BOTANICAL GARDENS / ORCHIDS:  Closeup of one of the 375  blooms on the snow-white Dendrobium anosmum var. album 'Crystal Bridge' orchid.  The Crystal Bridge orchid won the prestigious Award of Cultural Merit from the Orchid Society of America in 1996 for it's extraordinarily large number of flowers.  This orchid blooms only once a year. The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory currently houses more than 1200 orchids - many of which are endangered. More than 800 genera and 30,000 species of orchids have been documented and botanists believe many thousands more have not yet been discovered.  Staff photo by Paul B. Southerland.  Photo dated 02/10/2003.