Photo Gallery: Daily Published Photos: Jan. 12, 2012 14/28

Oklahoma House Speaker Kris Steele, Shawnee, left, was joined by Marshall Clement, right, and other members  of a 20-member working group formed for the Justice Reinvestment Initiative process at a news conference at the state Capitol Wednesday morning, Jan. 11, 2012, to release the group's final report .  The bipartisan group of leaders from across the state worked for more than six months to come up with solutions and suggestions on how to reduce violent crime in the state by as much as 10 per cent by 2016  and provide post-prison supervision for all felons while ultimately containing growth in prison costs. The report recommends a number of reforms in criminal justice policy projected to save $ 249 million over  the next decade. Clement is project director for the Justice Reinvestment Initiative,   Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman