Photo Gallery: Homicide Scene 4/5

A man comforts a woman as the couple walks away from  homicide scene at 12900 Kerns Road, in far southeast Oklahoma City.  The couple  spoke to a detective after medical examiner staff removed a body from the property.   The couple did not give their names to the media, but they were visibly upset after receiving a phone call about the shooting. This man was certain that the deceased victim is his daughter's fiancee.  Police found a dead person at the scene after learning early Monday, Sep. 10,  2012, about a violent incident at this address when a man arrived at a local hospital seeking treatment for gunshot wound to the leg. Neighbors speculated the home may have been used to sell drugs; they said a lot of traffic came up and down the dead-end road to visit to residents inside the mobile home.  Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman