Crashes, arrest follow police pursuit in northwest Oklahoma City - Photo Gallery 1/7

Oklahoma City police investigate scene at NW 10 and Classen after a vehicle being chased by police crashed, sending three occupants in the vehicle to a hospital Tuesday morning, Sep. 11, 3012. Officers began chasing the driver of this stolen SUV near NW 23 and McKinley and were pursuing it as it traveled east on NW 10 when it collided with a vehicle in the intersection of N. Western Ave, causing the driver of the stolen vehicle to lose control. The vehicle flipped onto its roof and slid along the pavement for a block until its tires hit a curb in the opposite lanes of traffic, and it returned to an upright position. One male and two females were inside the vehicle. Police said the driver was arrested and faces multiple charges. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman.l