Collected Wisdom: Brian Bosworth 15/22

Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer grimaces as he listens to All-American linebacker Brian Bosworth talk with the press prior to the 1986-87 Orange Bowl. Bosworth was ruled ineligible for the Orange Bowl game against Arkansas after testing positive for steroids. Even so, he accompanied his Oklahoma teammates to the center of the field for the pre-game coin toss. Bosworth, wearing a blue headband and his Oklahoma jersey, walked hand in hand with defensive tackle Steve Bryan and safety Sonny Brown to the center of the field. Bosworth left the field before the toss of the coin. While standing on the sidelines before the game, Bosworth wore the orange number 14 jersey of Miami, Fla., Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Vinny Testaverde. Later in the game, Bosworth changed his wardrobe, donning a shirt with NCAA in big letters. Under each letter, the shirt read: National Communists Against Athletes. Welcome to Russia. Bosworth was one of about a dozen college players ruled ineligible for post-season play after drug tests conducted by the NCAA. "These tests are like going into a dark room with a shotgun," Bosworth said Thursday. "I got picked off early."