Photo Gallery: Oklahomans in the NFL Combine 9/9

<font size="5"><strong>STACY McGEE</font></p><p><br/>

Position: </strong>Defensive tackle  &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <strong>Size: </strong>6-4, 299</p><p><br/>

<strong>Where he will impress: </strong>McGee's athleticism and build give him the look of an NFL lineman who could contribute. </p><p><br/>

<strong>Where he will underwhelm: </strong>McGee will have several off-the-field issues to answer for. He was suspended the first six games of his senior season, then missed the Cotton Bowl after a DUI arrest. McGee was also arrested for marijuana possession before his junior season. </p><p><br/>

<strong>What he can gain at combine: </strong>In interviews, he'll need to show humility and honesty regarding his disappointing college career and the non-football issues that caused it. A good showing -- combined with his natural skills -- could entice a team to take a late-round chance on McGee.</p><p><br/>

<strong>Current draft projection: </strong>Free agent</p><p><br/>

ANALYSIS BY JASON KERSEY, Staff Writer</p><p><br/>