May 20 Tornado - Photo Gallery 12/20

TORNADO DAMAGE / TORNADO AFTERMATH / SURVIVE / SURVIVOR / SALVAGE / RECOVERY: Jimmy Carter climbs through a window in the front of his home. Carter and his wife and friends spent the morning looking for salvageable items from their home. Carter survived the tornado by getting into a storm shelter in his garage. He huddled with seven other adults and two dogs. He urged his neighbors to seek shelter with him, with the last neighbor getting in the shelter less than two minutes before the twister hit his neighborhood. Carter said he had a vision of this storm about three weeks ago; he said he saw himself standing on his back porch and watched an approaching twister. He said he told his wife about his vision and told her they needed to organize all their important documents and put them in a safe place. They did and the documents are intact now. Residents of the Heatherwood housing addition, on the south side of SE 4 and Bryant in Moore, returned to their homes Tuesday, May 21, 2013, to salvage any items after Monday's destructive tornado. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman.