Civil rights leader Clara Luper has died - Article Photos 101/145

"Clara Luper, controversial civil rights leader, won't be teaching in the Oklahoma City school system this year, it appeared Tuesday. Claiming Oklahoma City school officials are attempting her 'educational assassination.' Mrs. Luper declared she will refuse a research position offered her in the city system. The Negro rights leader and school teacher said the school administration is bowing to pressure from her critics in removing her from classroom duties at Northwest High School. Dr. Bill Lillard, superintendent, denied this Tuesday and said Mrs. Luper's reassignment as a research associate in the field of black history actually amounts to 'recognition' of her professional abilities." (from an article in the 8/19/1970 Daily Oklahoman.) Staff photo by Tony Woods taken 8/22/1969; photo ran in the 8/19/1970 Daily Oklahoman.