OU student achieving big success with tiny bugs - Article Photos 10/11

Robber fly (Holcocephala fusca). These flies, Shahan wrote on his Flickr page, are "incredibly skittish" and difficult to photograph. "Somehow I found one little guy that would let me get close enough to focus," he wrote, "and 66 shots later, over a period of about 10 minutes of standing bent over with sweat pooling in my eyes, the leaf blowing in the wind, and my hands shaking from fatigue -- I just gave up and checked to see if I got anything at all. Out of all those shots -- about 30 missed the fly entirely, 33 were completely out of focus, and 3 were good enough to focus stack. I was ecstatic! Three good photos taken completely handheld in windy conditions at 5:1 magnification at f/8 is no small feat! And even better -- the background wasn't black!" Thomas Shahan - www.thomasshahan.com