Share your memories of and thoughts on preserving Oklahoma's black history - Article Photos 7/10

The Indian Meridian Obelisk It marks the Ozark trail, which settlers traveled more than 100 years ago, and is the point in Oklahoma from which all distances are measured. In the years since this photograph was taken, the paint pointing the way to Perkins has faded or chipped away.  The battered obelisk stands smack dab in the middle of the Washington and Logan intersection. And it has stood there since 1870.  Perhaps 25 feet tall, its once-white surface is pocked and chipped, a casualty of time and innumerable car crashes. It’s unlit, you see, and many a driver, startled to see it looming out of the rural darkness, has collided with history.  “They’ve bumped it and bumped it,” an observer once told The Oklahoman, “but they’ve never moved it.” The marker is worth seeing just for its incongruence. Photo By Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman Archives