Bar fights not limited to Oklahoma City's Bricktown - Article Photos 11/20

Miguel Camacho, center, and other friends of Daniel Lewis Maxedon, track the flight of 25 red balloons after they were released into the air to commemorate Maxedon. Nearly two dozen friends and co-workers of Daniel Lewis Maxedon gathered at an Elks Lodge in Midwest City Saturday afternoon, March 24, 2012, to recall and celebrate the life of this young man whose life ended tragically earlier this month. Maxedon died in Colorado on March 6, having remained in a coma caused by a severe head injury sustained when he was assaulted outside a Bricktown bar last November. The ceremony ended with each person holding red balloons and releasing 25 balloons into the clear blue sky, each balloon representing a year of Maxedon's life. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman