Article Photos: Oklahoma City doctors work to rebuild Tulsa man's face after fireworks accident 3/7

FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION: Lead surgeon Dr. Trinitia Cannon and Jose Sanclement , an otolaryngologist,  were joined by Taron Pounds'  mother, Tammy Cauthron,  and stepfather, David Cauthron,  to discuss the surgical process of reconstructing Pounds face at a news conference at Children's Hospital Monday afternoon, Sep. 24, 2012.  Taron Pounds, 22, suffered major injuries to his face, eye, neck and chest when a fireworks mortar blew up in his face at a family event in July. On September 21, Pounds underwent a complex operation where ear, nose and throat surgeons used tissue and bones from other parts of his body to begin the repair process. the lead surgeon and Pounds? mother will meet with reporters. Trinitia Cannon, MD, otolaryngologist, will discuss the surgical process of reconstructing Pounds face.   Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman