Article Photos: Happy 75th birthday to Barry Switzer, Oklahoma's most beloved coach 8/73

<strong>Happy Birthday wish from Don Key, former OU player for whom the team’s Don Key Award was named after a kidney injury ended his career:</strong><br>
<i>"(Happy Birthday to) a much loved coach. I am deeply humbled by the great honor you bestowed upon me as I faced the greatest of sorrow and defeat. I appreciate that you looked past each 'player' to see each 'man.'"</i><br><br />

<strong>1979: Switzer at the stadium</strong><br>
In this 1979 photo, Switzer poses prior to the Sooners' season. The Sooners finished 11-1 that year with a win over Florida State in the Orange Bowl. OU's only loss was to Texas. PHOTO BY DON TULLOUS, The Oklahoman Archive