Lack of food stunts Chad children, damages minds - Article Photos 1/9

In this Nov. 2, 2012 photo, teacher Djobelsou Guidigui Eloi, left, scolds a girl unable to read out a lesson on the sound of the letter 'a' in the village of Louri in the Mao region of Chad. Many of the children, unable to read, attempted to pass the lesson by memorizing the sounds and their order on the blackboard. A survey conducted in the country found that 51.9 percent of the children are stunted, one of the highest rates in the world according to a summary published by UNICEF. Stunting is the result of having either too few calories, too little variety, or both. The struggle that is on display every day in the village's one-room schoolhouse reveals not only the staggering price that these children are paying, but also the price that it has exacted from Africa. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell) PART OF A 16-PICTURE PACKAGE WITH THE STORY "CHAD STUNTED NATION" ORG XMIT: NY871