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Safety is an important factor to consider when running, especially when running alone. Here are a few items sold at Red Coyote to help keep you safe while running.
The one-of-a-kind Nike Flash Vest  is made entirely of reflective material for ultimate visibility;  the entire vest reflects light. It is similar to the jackets worn by U.S. Olympians on podium last summer. 

Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflectors   2-Pack contains reflective magnetic clips that can be clipped to hat, jacket or shoe.  They are fully reflective and have LED light in each triangle. They come in 3 colors: pink, orange and yellow.

Amphipod Micro-Light Flashing Armband is a  fully reflective velcro band with LED lights that can be worn around arm or ankle for 360-degree  visibility.

Red Coyote Blinking Light is a basic  flashing light that offers visibility and can be clipped to jacket or pant.

 <strong>CHRIS LANDSBERGER</strong>