Article Photos: Oklahoma tornadoes: Keepsakes returned to Moore family 3/5

This is the only home that remains in the 600 block of SW 6 Street in Moore, the street where the Kriesel family lived before an EF5 tornado demolished their home and the homes of their neighbors on May 20. Amber and Nathan Kriesel and their  three daughters survived the May 20 tornado, but their home at 601 SW 6 in Moore, and most of their possessions, were destroyed or scattered with the winds.  On Saturday, July 13, 2013, the couple brought their daughters to the site where their home once stood.  Nothing remains except dirt and sand. The foundation, driveway and sidewalks are piled about five-feet high next to the curb on 6th Street. Their neighborhood is practically.  Rebecca Cooper, a  reporter from a Washington D.C. television station,  met the Kriesel family   in their former yard to return to them a large manila envelope filled with  sentimental items, including family letters and cards,  and daughter Zoe's artwork, that had been salvaged from the ruins in the days after the twister demolished their home.  Nathan and Amber expressed  gratitude for  special keepsakes  that have been located in the days and weeks following the storm and since have been returned to them-- Amber's locket, Nathan's high school soccer jacket and today,  the family's letters and cards' dating back decades, from parents, loved ones, friends and  grandparents who are now deceased.     Photo  by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman.