Oklahoma's public umbilical cord blood bank is up and running - Article Photos 1/5

Charles Mooney demonstrates the method of storing and removing cord blood products in one of two cryo storage tanks. The blood is contained in cartridges which are inserted into holding racks. Each tank can store 1,876 cord blood products. Mooney is vice president of quality management at the core blood bank facility. Oklahoma Blood Institute hosted the grand opening of its new Cord Blood Bank Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 28, 2014. It is one of only 24 such centers worldwide. Umbilical cord blood that potentially can save lives has been thrown away after the births of babies across our state in the past. . Without a local public umbilical cord blood bank, most Oklahoma mothers have no option to donate it. Now, families at OU Medical Center, celebrating a joyous event in their own lives can bring the same to those battling leukemia and other blood disorders with little hope. Other hospitals will be enlisted to partner in the future. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman