Article Photos: Is fear of NYC highways warranted after zoo crash? 1/3

  FILE - In this April 19, 2009 file photo, North Carolina Highway Patrolman R. Grayson investigates a two-vehicle wreck on U.S. 64 near Brevard, N.C., that killed three people, including a child, in the head-on collision. A freak accident on New York's Bronx River Parkway that wiped out three generations of a family on April 29, 2012, is being touted by some transportation advocates as more evidence that New York City's aging highway system needs major upgrades. Yet, while New York City saw 243 people killed in traffic accidents in 2011, by comparison, North Carolina, a state with a population not much larger than New York City, had 1,314 motor vehicle fatalities in 2009. (AP Photo/Times-News, Mike Dirks, File)