Article Photos: Films highlight Mexico's dark political past 1/4

  In this still image taken from the trailer of the film "Colosio" released by the film's producers Alebrije/Cinetc on June 13, 2012, Mexican actor Enoc Leano plays the part of the slain Mexican presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio on the day he was assassinated in Tijuana, Mexico on March 23, 1994. "Colosio," which portrays the 1994 killing of a candidate who was almost certain to be the next president, casts doubts on the official conclusion that a lone gunman planned and carried out the killing of Luis Donaldo Colosio, which is often compared to John F. Kennedy's assassination. It is one of several new politically minded films being released just ahead of Mexico's July 1 election that are aimed at reminding Mexicans of the dark side of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which governed Mexico for 71 years, and which seems set to return to power. (AP Photo/Alebrije/ Cinetc)