Article Photos: Hezbollah under fire, but Lebanon hold is tight 6/10

  In this picture taken on Tuesday October 30, 2012, A senior Shiite cleric, Ali al-Amin, speaks during an interview with the Associated Press, in Beirut, Lebanon. Ali al-Amin, harshly criticized Hezbollah in an interview, saying the militia harmed Lebanon because it acted as Iran’s proxy. Al-Amin, who was ousted from his position as the former top cleric in the southern city of Tyre in 2008, said a majority of Lebanon’s Shiites are critical of Hezbollah but are afraid to speak out. Hezbollah, the main political and military force in Lebanon, has suffered series setbacks in recent months, including a drop of support at home over its support of the Syrian regime. However, the Shiite Muslim militia’s grip on Lebanon isn’t likely to loosen anytime soon.(AP Photo/Karin Laub)