Article Photos: Changing times: Politicians' tears more common now 3/5

  FILE This Feb. 26, 1972 file photo shows Sen. Edmund Muskie, D-Maine, denounces conservative Manchester Union Leader publisher William Loeb in front of the newspaper's Manchester, N.H., building. Muskie's emotional speech came as he campaigned for the New Hampshire primary and the Democratic presidential nomination, which slid off the tracks after it was reported that he had cried in response to the newspaper's attack on his wife. Muskie sustained until his death that it had been melted snowflakes, not a tear, in his eye. It seems a strange sight: The president of the United States, sometimes called the most powerful person in the world, breaking down in tears thanking campaign workers for their tireless _ and ultimately successful _ work on his behalf. But Barack Obama isn't the only world leader unashamed or unable to avoid being seen crying in public. (AP Photo, File)