Small business owners reinvent to survive and grow - Article Photos 1/4

In this Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012, photo, Arnulfo Ventura, co-founder of Coba, a Mexican beverage company, is seen in his office and art gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Ventura and his business partner, Jose Domene, decided while getting their MBAs at Stanford University to start selling beverages made from plants like tamarind and hibiscus, that are popular in Mexico. The partners called the drink Bonadea and bought 3,000 bottles back in 2008. But in January 2010, Ventura and Domene showed Bonadea to focus group and realized they had to change the way the beverage was packaged and marketed. They eventually came up a new name, Coba, a Mayan city on the Yucatan peninsula. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)