Article Photos: Spain halts evictions for the needy after suicides 3/10

  File - In this Nov. 18, 2011 file photo, police officers are seen through peephole of Azucena Paredes's home, an unemployed mother of three children, before her eviction in Madrid. The Spanish government Thursday Nov. 15, 2012 passed a decree curbing evictions of lower income homeowners unable to pay their mortgage, a bid to ease a trend that has seen hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes because of the brutal economic crisis. The urgent measure stops evictions for two years of people whose unemployed benefits have expired or who have incomes of less than euro1,200 ($1,527) a month after tax and whose mortgage represents at least 50 percent total household income. Public attention on the issue intensified greatly in recent weeks after two homeowners facing eviction committed suicide. Spaniards are also angry because while people lose their homes, the government is negotiation billion-dollar bailouts for the same banks who are repossessing the houses. Over the past four years, social groups have begun organizing street protests to try to avoid prevent court officials and police carrying out eviction orders. (AP Photo/Arturo Rodriguez, File)