Housing project where Supremes lived coming down - Article Photos 4/7

The media stands outside the Frederick Douglass Homes housing project on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 in Detroit. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced the demolition of the Frederick Douglass Homes housing project on Thursday. Bing says police and firefighters frequently respond to reports of crime and arson in the complex, and that demolishing it will allow scant city emergency resources to be deployed elsewhere. He said that the yearlong demolition and cleanup will be paid for by a $6.5 million federal Housing and Urban Development grant. The city has no set plans for redevelopment of the complex known as the Brewster projects, where a young Diana Ross and the Supremes spent some of their pre-Motown years. Past proposals have included a mix of new homes and retail establishments. (AP Photo/Detroit News, Max Ortiz) DETROIT FREE PRESS OUT; HUFFINGTON POST OUT