Article Photos: Drought forces Midwest firm to ponder drier future 5/5

  In this Sept. 12, 2012 photo, Brad Crookshank, wastewater superintendent for the Archer Daniels Midland company corn processing plant talks about the plant's water needs in Decatur, Ill. in front of the facility's water cooling towers. At the height of the 2012 drought, decision-makers at the agribusiness giant kept an uneasy eye on the reservoir down the hill from their headquarters. While companies in the Great Lakes region and other parts of middle America long counted on water being cheap and plentiful, they now realize they must conserve because finding new water sources is difficult and expensive - if it can be done at all. "You've got to plan for the worst, and be prepared for that," said Crookshank. "There's not a lot of low-hanging fruit for additional water supplies." (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)