Aging nuke plants add to Europe's economic woes - Article Photos 2/8

ADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY, NOV. 18, 2012 AND THEREAFTER - In this July 2012 photo, Thomas Pietsch, site manager for Nukem Technologies, a firm contracted for decommissioning projects for Lithuania’s Soviet-era nuclear power plant, points to the unfinished nuclear fuel storage facility near the nuclear power plant in Ignalina, Lithuania. Three years after the nuclear plant was shut down due to safety concerns, there is still nuclear fuel inside one of the two reactors. The temporary storage facilities for spent fuel and radioactive waste are four years behind schedule. The problems have prompted threats from the European Union to sever funding and raising concerns that the facility will be around for years, possibly decades, longer than planned. The giant ventilation stacks in the background are part of the nuclear power plant. (AP Photo/Gary Peach)