FBI removes many redactions in Marilyn Monroe file - Article Photos 4/5

FILE - This file copy of a document, obtained by The Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act, from playwright Arthur Miller's FBI file, shows an FBI report stating, that "the New York Daily News received an anonymous telephone call" on July 3, 1956. The caller, "an unidentified male," stated that "Arthur Miller had been and still was a member of the CP (Communist Party) and was their cultural front man" and that (his wife) "Marilyn Monroe" also "had drifted into the Communist orbit." The file revealed that Miller had been the subject of FBI surveillance for a long time. In late 2012, the FBI has released a new version of files it kept on Marilyn Monroe that reveal the names of some of her acquaintances who had drawn concern from government officials and members of her entourage over their suspected ties to communism. (AP Photo/FBI, File)