More money, time needed to remove Concordia wreck - Article Photos 1/2

The cruise ship Costa Concordia, leaning on its side, is seen from a street of the Tuscan island of Giglio, Italy, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013. As if the nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety weren't enough, passengers who survived the terrifying grounding and capsizing of the Costa Concordia off Tuscany have come in for a rude shock as they mark the first anniversary of the disaster on Sunday. Ship owner Costa Crociere SpA, the Italian unit of Miami-based Carnival Corp., sent several passengers a letter telling them they weren't welcome at the official anniversary ceremonies on the island of Giglio where the hulking ship still rests. Costa says the day is focused on the families of the 32 people who died Jan. 13, 2012, not the 4,200 passengers and crew who survived. (AP Photo/Paolo Santalucia)