Unexpected inaugural moments make history, too - Article Photos 3/8

FILE - In this Jan. 20, 1977, file photo, President Jimmy Carter walks with first lady Rosalynn, with daughter Amy between them during the inauguration parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. The inauguration of the U.S. president is traditionally a highly-scripted celebration, with seating charts, schedules, dress rehearsals, and planning committees that map each moment of the history-making day from start to finish. But sometimes the unexpected happens. Carter wanted a people's inaugural. So, the newly-sworn-in president shunned the customary limousine ride from the Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue during his parade. The program had called for Carter to ride in the limo until the procession of marching bands, floats and others was a couple of blocks away from the executive mansion. Instead, Carter decided to walk the mile-plus parade route. (AP Photo/File)