AP PHOTOS: Working-class beach for Peru's capital - Article Photos 13/20

In this March 3, 2013 photo, a man is silhouetted in a wading pool as he cleans it out in the ocean waters off Agua Dulce beach in Lima, Peru. While Lima's elite spends its summer weekends in gate beach enclaves south of the Peruvian capital, the working class jams by the thousands on a single municipal beach of grayish-brown sands and gentle waves. On some weekends during the Southern Hemisphere summer, which runs from December until March, as many as 40,000 people a day visit the half-mile-long (kilometer-long) strip of Agua Dulce. Beachgoers arrive in groups of 20-30, hauling enormous pots of fragrant chicken and rice. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)