Article Photos: Crimea to vote to split from Ukraine, join Russia 1/17

This image taken from AP video shows a group of unidentified men in military fatigues outside a cafe in Simferopol, Ukraine who appear to be stopping UN Special Envoy to Ukraine, Robert Serry from leaving as he makes a call on his mobile phone inside, Wednesday, March 5, 2014. The special U.N. envoy who is visiting Crimea was threatened by 10 to 15 armed men on Wednesday and ordered to leave the region, where Ukraine and Russia are locked in a tense standoff, U.N. officials said. Later, an Associated Press reporter found Robert Serry in the business class lounge of the Simferopol airport on Wednesday evening. "I'm safe. My visit was interrupted for reasons that I cannot understand," the Dutch diplomat said in a statement to AP. He said nothing more. (AP Photo/AP video)