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Game commissioners recommend allowing bow hunting at Stinchcomb, Draper in Oklahoma City

BY MICHAEL KIMBALL Published: April 2, 2012

The area where hunters are allowed would be marked by signs.

“Posting some signs is not changing people's behaviors,” said Lt. Jeff Becker, who supervises the police division that includes Stinchcomb. “If it did, we wouldn't write all the speeding tickets we do every day. We have signs everywhere, and unfortunately people disregard them.”

But commissioners argued there's little additional danger posed by allowing bow hunters, who have a range of only a few dozen yards, to an area where shotgun hunting has been common for decades. Nearby private landowners often hunt for deer.

Commissioner Joe McCrary, a primary proponent of the measure, said it's a matter of opening up public land that's available for hunters to use.

“I'm a hunter and I make no apologies about it,” McCrary said. “We want to give these people ... the opportunity to hunt in a huntable area.”