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Gardening: Shorttailed crickets in Oklahoma are out en masse

Ray Ridlen explains the life cycle of the shorttailed cricket.
BY RAY RIDLEN, For The Oklahoman Published: October 15, 2012

Burrows constructed by the crickets result in unsightly mounds of small soil pellets which may smother the surrounding grass. This will usually affect only cool season grasses. Activity will continue through October and, in some years, through most of November. The burrows are rebuilt each time they are washed away by fall rains.

Damage to the turf is negligible, and is merely aesthetic. I consider the crickets to be a cheap and efficient way to aerate my lawn. However, if you cannot tolerate the mounds on your lawn, products labeled for grub control should do a satisfactory job in controlling them.

Ray Ridlen is an agriculture/horticulture educator for the Oklahoma County Extension Service. His column addresses frequently asked horticulture questions. For more information, call 713-1125.