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Get App-y: The Spectacle of Glass

Lillie-Beth Brinkman: Google's new invention, Glass, tries to merge the world you see with the one online and gives users a new perspective #throughglass, to use a popular social media hashtag.
by Lillie-Beth Brinkman Published: June 17, 2013

I applied as the regular person who wanted to try out a new idea that may or may not be our future, not as a super fan of All Things Google.

“I want to explore how Glass will change our relationships, communities, everyday life and etiquette,” read my Twitter application in 140 characters or less. I linked it to my slightly longer Google Plus that also mentioned I was a writer and a mom in Oklahoma.

So, I went to Mountain View, Calif., over the weekend to pick up Glass in person at Google headquarters. Now I'm ready to start telling you about the experience, both good and bad, of wearing them — and hearing your thoughts on it — for The Oklahoman and

I hope to meet the other Oklahomans who got picked as #ifihadglass Explorers — so far I've found about 10 of them on Twitter and don't know if there are more. I want to hear reactions from others who I meet while wearing Glass and who possibly try them on for themselves.

How you would use such a device and what ideas you have to make them fit into your lifestyle? Do you have any etiquette concerns about using them? Would you want to use Glass to record the process of restoring an old car? Create a sculpture? Play with your children? What are your concerns about all of us walking around like possible cyborgs? Is this device going to bring us closer together as a community or scatter us on tech islands more than we already are? How would Glass help improve your life?

Let me know your thoughts and how you would use it. Like I would with any other new device, I'm excited to explore the world #throughglass, referring to the popular social media tag about Google Glass. And I'll keep writing about ideas and devices that are bouncing into the mainstream world, transforming it and becoming part of our lives.